How to Stay Motivated & Focused to Achieve Your Goals

How to Stay Motivated & Focused

What is self-motivation? In its most basic form, self-motivation is the force that drives and pushes you to achieve your goals. The funny thing about motivation is, its not something that comes packaged in a little pill or a little bottle. Sustaining self-motivation usually can be quite hard, and when you add in achieving your goals while going through the motions of your daily life that may include getting a rejection letter from that university, you applied to, getting reprimanded or fired from your job for being late, running late for an important meeting or interview, juggling the kids and work or when the car breaks down in the middle of the highway, reaching for those goals may seem light-years away. In this fast-paced age of the internet, to achieve every single goal on your to-do list, what you truly need is to be focused, self-motivated, and disciplined

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated and focused and to help you throughout your journey of achieving your goals.

  1. Let’s Break It Down
  2. What’re Your Reasons? 
  3. Screw The Burnout, Don’t Give Up!
  4. Visual The End Of The Journey
  5. Don’t Worry About What’s Out Of Your Control
  6. Honey, Reward Yourself, You Deserve It!
  7. Have Fun! 

Let’s Break It Down

Start slow and take it one step at a time. If you’ve got a goal to achieve, break it down into parts or, more specifically, small targets to achieve. Along the way, as you keep achieving those goals, you just keep on moving closer and closer to achieving your goal.

goal to achieve

And honestly, breaking down your goals into multiple targets just makes it much easier to tackle and focus on, rather than this huge goal that may leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed. When setting up smaller, more practical tasks, you’ll realize they’re much more manageable.

What’re Your Reasons? 

In this age of smartphones and let’s just say, lots of distractions, it’s really easy to get derailed off the path. Make a list of reasons as you why you need to succeed in achieving your goals and write it down instead of typing it, so that those reasons feel more personal to you and grounds you every time you take a look at them. Put that list somewhere you frequent the most, be it at your study desk, on the fridge, your dresser, hell, even in the mirror of your bathroom.

achieving your goals

Your reasons can be anything from a monetary or material reward, to a personal gain to even accomplishing your goals. Many a time to get from point A to point G, there are a lot of stops that may seem unpleasant, the same goes for your goals. To achieve your goal, you might come across targets that seem extraordinarily unpleasant. In those times, your list of reasons will be your motivation for completing that target and achieving your goals.

Screw The Burnout, Don’t Give Up!

From my experience as a writer, “burnout” is normal for every human being, and we need to accept that it happens. For me, “burnout” is a point or even multiple points in one’s journey when they no longer feel motivated to go through with the goal they had initially set up, and somewhere along the way, you may lose your motivation. And I think that’s okay, it’s normal. However, I believe the aftermath of a “burnout” is much more critical, you need to learn to get back on your feet, continue with whatever the task was (be it writing, completing that puzzle, finishing that book, or whatever your goal is) and seeing through it till the end.

lose your motivation

Somewhere along the way, due to exhaustion, or temporary setbacks, you might lose focus or motivation to go through with the goal, but remember those reasons, focus on the purpose and see through it. If you have to change your approach, go ahead, but remember, YOU CANNOT GIVE UP! Don’t believe me, then trust in Thomas Eddison, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Visual The End Of The Journey

motivation diminishing

This is one of my favorite pointers and one that keeps me fueled up throughout my journey. Whenever I feel like giving up or my motivation diminishing, I visualize the results, the triumph, to finally reach the peak of your goal, succeeding after all the hard work, the adrenaline rush, the excitement, and the relief. This will keep you striving forward to getting one step closer to your goal.

Don’t Worry About What’s Out Of Your Control

Many a time, while trying to achieve your goals, you might come across temporary setbacks and that just part of the journey. You see the obstacles, face it, and keep moving forward. Don’t let these setbacks get to you and chip away at your drive and your motivation. Keep on going, control what you can, focus on what you can control, and don’t worry about what you can’t.

keep moving forward

Honey, Reward Yourself, You Deserve It!

This one’s the most popular step when working towards a goal: Rewarding yourself. And hey, it’s one of those best ways to stay motivated 24/7. Set up rewards after every major target or even goals. When you look forward to a reward, at the end of those unpleasant or tough targets, the prize becomes all the sweeter. It could be anything from your favorite chocolate to a day at the spa to treating yourself to dinner at that savvy Italian place, whatever it is, it’s all for you, and remember, you deserve it.

best ways to stay motivated

Have Fun! 

Sometimes, those unpleasant tasks can be taxing and the exact opposite of fun. At the end of the day, it all depends on your attitude. An attitude that keeps you motivated, in the right space of mind and happy will get you that much closer to achieving your goals. No doubt those unpleasant targets are no fun but find ways to make it fun. Think of how you could make it more enjoyable for yourself and others and how you could turn it around and make it fun. For example, you could play some music in the background, sing throughout the task, or fit it at such a time in your schedule when you are the least stressed. Whatever you’ve got to do to make it fun, do it and stay optimistic always.

Achieving your goals is possible, no matter how gargantuan they may be. It all depends on your attitude, breaking it down to more realistic smaller targets, staying focused on the end of your goals and not giving up.

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