The Perfect Shower Routine, The Right Way

Shower Routine Oh yes! You know that relaxing and pleasing feeling you get once you step into the shower, warm water beautifully hitting your skin. Pure bliss, but this bliss comes to an end as soon as you turn off your shower. Showering will always leave you feeling refreshed, and it’s the best way to drain out all that negative energy, kind of like how some lucky flowers do their thing. But have you ever wondered whether your showering technique is good enough to give you that glowing skin? Or, if the way you wash your hair is safe?

Perfect Shower Routine

Believe it or not, showering was not something available to everyone and was primarily done to get rid of dirt from the body. However, in today’s world, showering doesn’t only mean to cleanse the body but has a whole different meaning! For some, it’s a place of relaxation, and for others, it’s the perfect place to reflect and contemplate life, while impersonating Beyonce and pretending to have your very own Coachella in the shower (don’t worry, embarrassing as it is, we have all been there). So, along with your ongoing concert, we should also focus on how we can improve your skin and hair by showering. There may not be a perfect shower routine since we’re all different, and finding a suitable shower routine can be difficult for everyone. Although there is no harm in trying something new.

So, here’s some ways that could help get that glowing skin and soft hair. Now, let’s take a look at some of these techniques before you get into the shower.

  • The Perfect Water Temperature
  • Brushing The Hair
  • Shampooing Thoroughly And Using The Perfect Conditioner
  • Body Washes And Scrubbing
  • Applying Moisturizer Immediately

The Perfect Water Temperature for Shower Routine

The Perfect Water Temperature

To maintain healthy skin, we must always try to find the appropriate water temperature for our skin. It’s highly recommended to use warm water but not extremely hot water since it can dry the skin out and remove naturally produced oils from the surface of your skin.

Try taking a shower with lukewarm water, or be sure to check the temperature with your wrist before stepping under the showerhead. More importantly, if you are a person who regularly works out, it’s best to take a cold shower. Cold showers can help reduce muscle soreness and help relax and repair the muscles after a tough work-out. Therefore, taking a cold shower once in a while can be beneficial.

Brushing The Hair

Remember to gently brush your hair before getting them wet, getting rid of tangles beforehand will reduce hair fall in the shower. Sometimes, knots can form while taking a shower, to get rid of it, gently untangle them with your fingers, starting from the knots at the very bottom, then gradually making your way upwards to your roots. It is mostly recommended by hair experts to use a plastic vent brush to comb your hair before the shower, due it having multiple bristles.

Brushing The Hair Shower Routine

Now, for my ladies out there who have curly and frizzy hair like me, you probably know about my struggles! My shower routine, which I swear by, is brushing my curls while still being in the shower since it untangles much more quickly and is less painful to remove the knots. Some recommend using moisturizing conditioner, which will create volume, strengthen the hair roots, and help tame your frizziness. Another tip for a curly hair routine after the shower is to gently and roughly comb through your wet curls with a wide-tooth comb. This will remove any missed out tangles and knots. Also, try to avoid using the “towel hair drying” method, since it will spoil the perfectly coiled curls and make your hair more frizzy. Instead, try gently pressing the curls against a soft cotton cloth or even an old cotton shirt to remove excess water and naturally air dry your curly locks, if you don’t own a suitable hair-drier.

Shampooing Thoroughly And Using The Perfect Conditioner

When showering, the type of water or method of combing and drying the hair is solely not enough to provide you with the strong, voluminous hair that you’re craving. The type of shampoo and conditioner and the method of applying and massaging it onto the scalp should highly be taken into consideration. In most cases, not using a suitable shampoo or conditioner is generally the primary cause of hair damage and hair fall.

Always try to apply a decent amount of shampoo or conditioner, according to your hair length and volume. Plus, distribution is key. Evenly spreading the shampoo on the scalp by massaging it for around 1 to 2 minutes will definitely remove the oiliness and dirt on the scalp, along with increasing blood flow to the scalp, which will stimulate hair growth.

Shampooing Thoroughly And Using The Perfect Conditioner

Secondly, always search for a conditioner that has complementary chemical make-up to your shampoo. Oftentimes, we believe all the commercials on TV and spend loads of money on expensive conditioners that don’t go well with our shampoo., vice versa. Remember to not leave the conditioner on your hair for too long, since the effects of conditioners on the hair are instant. Almost all conditioners have similar formulas since the purpose of it is to protect the cuticle and smoothen the hair surface, making it shine. Therefore, it’s useless and sometimes damaging to the hair if the conditioner is left for too long because the hair has already soaked up water molecules and is swollen; hence, the conditioner can no longer penetrate into the hair. Tip, use a hair mask or a deep conditioner once a week only.

Body Washes And Scrubbing in Shower Routine

Got a loofah? Great! But how long has it been since you started using it? It’s not sanitary and healthy for the skin to use a loofah for more than a month. Loofah may harbor multiple types of molds, bacteria, and other micro-organisms, which could potentially lead to itchiness and various kinds of skin infections. Another important factor, NEVER share your loofah! And try replacing it regularly.

Just as finding the right cleanser for your morning facial routine can be a nightmare, searching for a suitable body wash is a hassle, but don’t give up too soon. Body washes are necessary to remove the dirt, dead skin, and bacteria off the surface of the skin. Always apply an appropriate amount that will cover the whole body. Also, never over-scrub, it’s damaging and can cause redness and lead to skin irritation. It’s especially advised not to aggressively body scrub after shaving since the skin is extremely sensitive after shaving.

Body Washes And Scrubbing Shower Routine

Another helpful tip is to try washing your face before getting under the shower. Use warm water; this will cause your pores to open up and allow your face products to penetrate into the skin. This will help reduce acne development. Also, rinse the face with cold water soon after applying the face products, since cold water assists in closing the pores, preventing any bacteria from entering. Oh! And exfoliate once or twice weekly, it will promote new cell growth and help in the removal of dead skin. Don’t exfoliate harshly; otherwise, it will cause skin irritation.

Applying Moisturizer Immediately

Just as reaching for that moisturizer is extremely important for your daily nighttime skincare routine, applying moisturizer on your body after taking a shower will do wonders. It helps maintain the skin’s softness and keeps it moist throughout the day. Even if you’re slightly damp, applying suitable lotion over it will keep the water molecules intact, further moisturizing the skin. Applying moisturizer will smoothen your skin, especially the dry and irritated areas.

Applying Moisturizer Immediately

There is no good time to take a shower. Whether it’s your morning shower routine or your night shower routine, you can shower any time of the day! Showering is a crucial part of our life. It helps give us that kick start for the day, but at the same time, it can also bring about a calming effect mentally and physically. So, if you’re having a bad day, go ahead and shower, this will lighten up your mood. Honestly, there is no “perfect” way of showering, as long as your showers leave you feeling fresh, calm, and light-hearted and, it’s safe to say, you’ve already found your “perfect” showering routine. So, enjoy your next shower and take note of some of Auraat’s tips. It may come in handy.
Stay safe, stay healthy & shower away your day’s worries!

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