Healthy Substitutes For Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise. Thick, creamy, gelatinous, and let’s not forget, fatty as hell. This creamy and fatty condiment is an all-time favorite, especially in the US of A. It goes well with sandwiches, salads, burgers, you name it. Although mayonnaise makes for a seriously delicious option, it’s not always the healthiest. Just one tablespoon of mayo is a heaping spoonful of calories and fats since it contains approximately 100 calories and 12 grams of fat. However, mayo makes for a healthy source of unsaturated fats, which your body needs, and the saturated fats make up for a total of 1.5%, which, to be honest, is not bad.

substitute for mayonnaise

And let me just put it out there, when you add mayo to that sandwich or burger, you can’t just stop at a spoonful—Preposterous!⁠—we prefer loads of ‘em. Loads. You’re in either one of the two teams when it comes to mayo, either, a lover or a hater. Whether you’re a lover or a hater, it doesn’t matter, especially when it comes down to these healthy, creamy, and absolutely delicious mayonnaise substitutes. Let’s give them a try. 

  • 5 Fat-Free Mayo Alternatives You’ll Love  
  1. Hummus 
  2. Avocado 
  3. Mustard 
  4. Plain Greek Yogurt 
  5. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
  6. Eggs 
  • Is Low Sodium Mayonnaise Good? 

5 Fat-Free Mayo Alternatives You’ll Love

  • Hummus 

I put this mashed / ground chickpeas paste on the forefront, ‘cause it is one of my favorites. Not only is it low on calories and fats, but it’s also packed full of fiber, proteins, and antioxidants. It makes for a thick, healthy, and nutty spread in sandwiches. It also goes pretty well with a grilled chicken wrap, and it makes for a healthy and creamy substitute for mayo in tuna salad (Mediterranean-style). Honestly, hummus goes well with almost everything, and one tablespoon full of it contributes to 25 calories and 1.5 grams of fat, way lower than mayo. And it’s really easy to make, with a little bit of garlic, a dash of salt, chickpeas, lemon juice, and tahini to give you this flavourful, spreadable, and healthy dip. 

  • Avocado 

substitute mayo for eggsLet’s just say avocado is growing popular and trendy, and there’s a perfectly good reason for it! If you’re looking to incorporate this bright green and healthy fruit in your diet, half an avocado is enough per serving. It goes perfectly well with salads, on toasts, and let’s not forget, it makes an awesome dip a.k.a. GUACAMOLE! And honey, if that jar of mayo is empty, don’t bother rushing to the nearest grocery store, just use avocados. They taste delicious, and half an avocado is 73% water, 15% fat, 9% carbs, and 2% proteins, which makes it the most healthiest substitute for mayonnaise. 

  • Mustard 

You’ve run out of mayo, but your sandwiches and burgers are missing that little oomph! ingredient, so what do you do? You reach for the mustard, is what you do! Mustards are much lighter in the calories and fat department as compared to ole’ mayo. There’s Dijon, yellow, honey, spicy brown, and so many other types of mustards for you to choose from. Now, I’m not saying your yellow mustard will go great with your egg salad (JUST NO) but, a little honey mustard will go perfectly well with a grilled chicken salad. And mustard rightfully belongs in burgers and sandwiches, giving it that rich, spicy, and creamy flavor. Step aside mayo, you’re being replaced with mustard! 

  • Plain Greek Yogurt 

I feel like you can never go wrong with plain greek yogurts. They’re a healthy, delicious, and creamy replacement to mayo. Greek yogurts are rich in calcium, proteins, good bacteria, and all those other healthy stuff. And the best part is, no matter how much you go overboard with it, it’s still healthy. Before you reach out for mayo for that egg or chicken salad, consider plain Greek yogurt. It makes for an awesome sauce when mixed with Dijon mustard and honey. Or you could go with a combination of tiny chopped cucumbers and peppers for a thick and creamy Tzatziki sauce. Want something healthy for breakfast? Blend up fruits like berries and honey with Greek yogurt and pop it into your freezer for some homemade frozen yogurt. Add some chopped nuts and serve yourself this delicious piece of heaven. 

  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese 

High on proteins and probiotics, low on fat, cottage cheese are awesome. Not only are they good for your gut health—hello! Probiotics—but apparently, they are also really easy to make at home. Light, creamy and healthy, one tablespoon full of cottage cheese provides 18 calories, 2.5 grams of protein, and no cholesterol. You probably need to add this to your diet yesterday. You can make a quick dip by whipping up some cottage cheese with diced bell peppers and onion, lemon juice, and fresh herbs. Or you could always add this to your tuna salad to give it that sharp and creamy flavor. 

  • Eggs 

We all know the traditional mayo is made from eggs, entirely. However, it would be best if you should substitute mayo for eggs, cause one egg has 75 calories and 5 grams of total fat. Did I mention, they are high on proteins, vitamins, minerals, and iron. So, what are you waiting for? You don’t need to reach for that mayo, instead, give an egg a try the next time you make that sandwich, you’ll thank me. 

Is Low Sodium Mayonnaise Good? 

It’s not enough to have mayo with little to no fats, but we desperately need mayo with low levels of sodium or salt in it as well. A tablespoonful of mayo typically contains 12 grams of fat and approximately 87 mg of sodium, which is still a little too much. High sodium levels can cause increased blood pressure, which could lead to other cardiovascular issues, strokes, kidney disease, and osteoporosis. Hell, you won’t even need apple cider vinegar for UTI, if you could lower your sodium intake and not put the stress on your kidney. And if you’re looking for some low sodium mayo substitute, avocados, and plain Greek yogurts make for awesome spreads, dips, and additions to your diet. But if you truly want the low sodium mayo, try this recipe, it’s quick to whip up, but I recommend using a hand blender. We don’t always use sunflower oil for hair benefits, but we definitely use sunflower oil when trying to make low sodium mayonnaise. Take a cup of sunflower of extra light olive oil (whatever’s your preference), 1 egg, 1 teaspoon ground, yellow mustard seeds, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and apple cider vinegar and give a whirl with your hand blender. Move the blender slowly until no oil is visible and until your mayo is thick. This whole process may take no less than 5 minutes, and it’s pretty easy to follow. 

Here, at Auraat, we believe in health and wellness and that whatever you put in your body affects your health. So, whatever you do, ladies, eat healthy, substitute unhealthy mayo with any of the healthy alternatives above. And if you can’t do it, then make some healthy low sodium mayo on your own. Hey, it may be bland, and it might take getting used to, but it’s healthy!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay blessed!

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