Spices And Herbs That Can Improve Your Health

Ever made a meal that tasted so bland and flavourless, that even parents had a hard time swallowing it and you ended up regretting ever making it in the first place. Well, rest assured we have all been through that! So why did the food taste so tasteless? It’s probably because of the lack of spices and herbs. So the next you enter the kitchen, don’t hesitate! Spice up your meal with all kinds of spices because they’re all filled with all kinds of benefits if you’re using them right. And it may provide you with all the better nutrition you might need in your diet.

anti inflammatory herbs

Including spices and herbs to your diet will definitely allow your taste buds to experience heaven but at the same time will help improve your health, as spices and herbs are an extremely good source of antioxidant and contain anti-inflammatory properties. There are multiple types of herbs and spices that are being used in various cuisines around the world, however, some of the top spices that are highly recommended by experts and doctors in order to get healthy faster are mentioned below! So, let’s take a look into the secret world of spices!

Best Types of Spices for Health:


This spice is great for lowering sugar levels, especially for diabetic patients. It’s really popular in the market and it goes great with savoury and sweet dishes. It helps lower sugar levels by slowing down the breakdown of carbohydrates and improve insulin levels in the blood. Certain studies show that it reduces inflammation, by removing or stabilising free radicals that damage cells and also helps fight against bacteria in the body. It also has properties that lower the cholesterol and triacylglycerol (TAC) levels in the blood. However, don’t get me wrong! Cinnamon is not a cure for diabetes, therefore be careful with its intake. Take it in a moderate amount.


If you’re a die-hard fan of Indian curries or South Asian cuisines, then you’re tastebuds must have already encountered Turmeric powder, as its widely used in many of their various dishes. This spice gives the curry its yellowish colour. It contains high traces of curcumin, which is great anti-oxidant and decreases inflammation. Many studies conclude that Turmeric powder can help ease pain, may slow down the development of Alzheimer’s diseases, arthritis and even reduce chances of heart diseases.


Ginger is the most common type of herb and you might all be familiar with its uses. You can easily find it in any market and used in just about every dish, including tea. So, what’s so great about this bitter chewy herb? Well, ginger is an anti-inflammatory herb and it can be used to treat nausea. Ginger is said to be very effective in easing an upset stomach, pain, preventing vomiting and diarrhoea. Plus, it reduces the symptoms of motion sickness. Studies say it’s helpful in calming nausea experienced during pregnancy.


This foul-smelling herb has been in use for decades, it’s said to have multiple health benefits. It contains a compound called allicin, which gives garlic its distinct smell, however, it plays an important role in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and also helps to improve the heart’s function. Studies have shown that consuming garlic can reduce the chances of multiple heart diseases, especially atherosclerosis, it is a condition that occurs when fatty acids and cholesterol molecules deposit in the smooth muscles of arteries, this narrows the artery and hinders the blood flow to particular organs. If the condition continues it may lead to high blood pressure and in severe cases lead to heart attacks and strokes. Allicin in garlic prevents the deposition of cholesterol and reduces the risks of high blood pressure, in order to obtain all of garlic’s benefits you will need to crush or cut it into pieces, only by doing so, allicin is formed in the garlic cells.


heart of herbsCayenne, also known as capsaicin. It is a type of chilli pepper that is most commonly used in Southwestern American cuisines and most popular in Mexican, Creole and Cajun dishes. It’s great for weight loss, as it helps reduce appetite and increases fat-burn. A recent study on animals shows that it consists of properties which can resist the formation of certain types of cancer such as liver, lungs and prostate cancers. Although these results are far from being beneficial to humans and may not be applicable to us, however, it is a great start and may lead to many possibilities to prevent cancer growth.


This spice is used in almost all types of dishes. The pleasant and refreshing smell of cardamom may not be its only speciality, it is one of the spices that contain the highest amount of ions, such as magnesium (Mg+2) and zinc (Zn+2) ion. It helps soothe stomach aches and some experts say that it helps reduce inflammation.


Cumin seeds are most commonly used in South Asian cuisines. You can find it in almost all types of Indian and Pakistani dishes. It is great for weight loss, helps burn calories faster. A study showed that women who ate a teaspoon of cumin seeds are more likely to lose weight quicker,


In the mid-ages, sage was popular and was frequently used for healing purposes. Nowadays a lot of studies have been put into researching the medical properties of sage. A recent study has concluded that sage is able to improve brain function and memory in young and old individuals. It can also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases, as sage inhibits the breakdown of certain chemical neurotransmitters, that send signals to the brain.


This spice has is greatly beneficial for diabetic patients, as it helps regulate sugar levels in the blood, it does so by improving the function of the hormone insulin and this occurs because fenugreek contains a protein called 4-hydroxy isoleucine. Therefore, many human-based studies have presented favourable results that presences fenugreek abilities to decrease sugar levels.

Now, I know it might be a bit confusing to decide which herbs or spices to go for, however, it’s always best to try everything but in a limited quantity. Especially if you wish to live a healthy lifestyle. Although, if you are experiencing certain types of health conditions then it’s best to console your doctor as soon as possible rather than taking in these herbs and spices directly into your system.

So worry not and spice up your next meal! You might end up loving it plus, there is no harm in trying any of them.

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