Healthy Living – The Best Tips For Getting Through A Cold

With so many tips and remedies on cold out there, you’d think that getting rid of the cold is inevitable and is easy as can be. However, here’s the funny thing about cold and flu. They’re caused by the rhinovirus and influenza virus, and this is literally common knowledge, but here’s the funny part. There are approximately 200 different varieties of the “cold” virus, discovered, with more mutating and evolving to become stronger and more resistant against the body’s immune system, and medicines. So preparing a vaccine specifically for colds can be a challenging feat. Today, there are many studies and researches conducted, in search of the cure for the common cold. Many believe that “the cure” could be useless because the symptoms for cold usually abates within 3 to 4 days. However, vaccines or “cures” for colds can be beneficial for those who suffer from COPD or cystic fibrosis and, have contracted the rhinovirus, worsening their respiratory condition. 

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The common cold can be a real nuisance that might make you miss out a few days at work, with those sniffles, sneezes and runny nose. To help with the symptoms, make you feel better, and strengthen your immune system to better fight off the virus, there are many tips and remedies out there that have been followed through time and by multiple cultures. Let’s take a look at some of these tips to help you get through a cold and stay healthy at home.

Cold Remedies From The Kitchen & At Home

  • Keep yourself hydrated & get lots of rest: 

You must’ve heard the saying, “Sleep it off”. The same goes for a cold. Get lots of rest as rest and sleep plays a significant role in strengthening your body and its immune system to help it better combat the cold. And allow your body to heal and recover through rest. How to unclog nose while trying to rest or get some sleep? Honestly, this one can be tricky ‘cause, no doubt, sleeping during a cold can be frustrating, especially with a stuffy nose, which is why I recommend some of the more important tips like saline drops and warm liquids at the bottom. Another trick I like to follow when I have a cold is, trying to rest while sitting up, this helps a lot when you have a stuffy nose. Or, for healthy living at home, try a humidifier, which will add the much-needed moisture into your living space and help you breathe with ease as humidifiers help moisturise your respiratory tract, making breathing easier, especially when it’s dry. 

healthy living at homeYou’ll hear doctors say this a lot, especially when you show up with a cold and flu: Liquids, take in lots and lots of warm liquids and stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can ensure that your body works to the best of its ability, especially when it comes to fighting off those infections. And stay away from substances like sodas, coffees, alcohols and sugary drinks as they can severely dehydrate your body. 

  • Saline Drops & Salt Water:

I get lots of questions like, “How to clear a stuffy nose?” or “How to breathe easier?” and one of the best solutions out there is saline drops. These are readily available in pharmacies as saline nasal sprays or nasal drops (with bulbs for children). Saline drops are fantastic when it comes to clearing up nasal congestions, and to especially help you breath more comfortably when trying to sleep or work. Many cultures have been using saline lavages or irrigation to help clear up sinuses, to get rid of those allergy symptoms and to shorten the duration of your infection. You can easily make these at home or even use nasal sprays from the pharmacy, which are all quite safe. 

Many a time, along with a cold, to complete the package you might also get a sore throat, because why not? *sarcasm* To help soothe that itchy and awful feeling in your throat, I highly recommend salt water gargles. This actually works in providing relief to your throat. Take 8 ounces of water in a cup and add half a teaspoon of salt, stir it and gargle away. 

  • Warm Liquids & Chicken Soup: 

Who doesn’t love chicken soups, especially during colds? They’re soothing, the best comfort foods, ever, easily available in your kitchen and they taste delicious! How chicken soups help combat colds, and sore throats are still not yet know. Still, apparently, the combination of chicken broth and vegetables like parsley, carrots, potatoes, radishes, celery and salt and pepper have anti-inflammatory properties, and they help relieve the symptoms of a cold and sore throat. It seems chicken soups are just always meant to be magical. And let’s not forget, warm liquids are best when it comes to keeping you hydrated and they’re soothing.  

  • Ginger & Lemon: 

This is one of my favorite remedies to follow at home, especially during the flu season. Warm ginger and lemon teas are great for the cold seasons or when you have a cold and sore throat. Take an inch of shaved ginger, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Add them into warm or hot water and let the ginger sit for 2 to 3 minutes before straining it out. If you’d like, you could always add a tablespoon of honey into the tea for flavour, and drink the concoction. Ginger, lemon and honey have been used by many cultures to help treat sore throats and cold. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve and soothe discomfort from these infections. And they also have immune system strengthening properties that’ll help your body better fight off those pesky infections, and they’ll help with the mucus flow. 

Cold Remedies That Don’t Work

  • Antibiotics:

One of the worst things you could do to yourself or your body is taking antibiotics during a cold. Antibiotics are used to specifically fight off bacterial infections, not viral infections (which causes cold). Taking antibiotics unprescribed or without a doctor’s consultation could increase bacterial resistance to antibiotics and cause other unwanted side effects in your body. Always, consult with a doctor before using antibiotics or any other medications. 

  • Over-the-counter Cold & Cough Medications:

These medications are available over-the-counter, especially for kids and have been known to cause unwanted side effects or could be particularly harmful to kids. As I’ve mentioned above, consult with your doctor or GP before using such medications. 

Many of these tips to help you through a nasty cold or sore throat can be particularly helpful, especially if you’d like to take care of your health at home the best you can, and they’re cheap and easily available. However, I always recommend consulting with your GP or doctor if you’re concerned about allergies with any of the above ingredients, even though they are absolutely natural and harmless. Hey, its always better to be safe than sorry. 

Hope some of these little tips and remedies will help you get through cold and flu season, good luck!

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