Tips for Personal Health and Hygiene

Every new year we find ourselves listing out our new and improved resolution. Most of the time, on the very top of the list, you might find something mentioned about improving one’s lifestyle, health, or hygiene. So, to those who are curious or are seeking better ways of improving their health and personal hygiene, then you have stumbled onto the right page! Maintaining health and personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways of staying healthy throughout the year.

Personal Health and HygieneMaintaining proper personal hygiene is a necessity that helps prevent you from getting sick often. Personal hygiene is also a form of self-grooming, which includes washing hands, brushing teeth, taking showers daily, and taking care of your body to keep it clean and healthy. Believe it or not, these actions affect your day-to-day interactions. In short, it helps you get by in society. And these etiquettes are taught to us from a very young age, especially when our parents would scold us for not washing our hands before dinner time or in school when our principal would give you disciplinary points for having unkempt hair and uniforms. This form of maintenance of health and hygiene has been instilled in us from the moment we learn to speak.

However, brushing teeth, bathing, combing hair, and dressing accordingly is not the only form of maintaining good personal hygiene and health. People often forget that there are other ways of balancing their hygiene and health. So, many of you may be wondering what are those ways? And what tips are we forgetting? Let’s take a look!

  • Eating Healthy and Balanced Diet
  • Exercise Daily
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated
  • Get Rid of Alcohol And Smoking From Your Life
  • Take Care of Your Body & Mind
  • Eating Healthy and Balanced Diet

Eating food with high amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals instead of foods with high sugar and fat contents helps with weight loss, as less amount of fatty acids, lipids, and cholesterol molecules are present in the body, therefore, less storage of fatty acids in the adipose tissues, ultimately leading to less mass gain. And it’s not only about your weight but also keeping your body healthy and strong.

It’s important to provide the body with sufficient amount of nutrients, hence, switching your diet from junk food to vegetables, fruits, meat, and chicken can lead to better development of bones, teeth, helps improve the immune system function, sleep and most importantly, decreases the risk of diseases. It’s not harmful to eat junk food once in a while, but taking it in excess can lead to severe health issues. A diet that mainly consists of foods such as oats, vegetables, fruits, and meat and water, green tea, herbal tea, or milk instead of carbonated drinks and processed juices is beneficial as fewer calories and high traces of minerals, vitamins, and fibers are present. And remember to always eat healthy & balanced diet.

  • Exercise Daily

Eating Healthy and Balanced DietObesity is a major health problem, associated with many chronic diseases, regular exercises and physical activity can decrease weight gain and prevent obesity. A daily set of workouts burns calories and boosts your body with energy throughout the day. Exercises reduce the deposits on fat and cholesterol molecules in the inner walls of arteries which reduces blockages and easy, quick passage of blood. This helps increase vascular function, providing more oxygen to cells and organs. Thus, reducing the chances of heart attacks, strokes, and other chronic heart diseases. It also assists in the regulation of blood pressure, as it keeps the blood pressure low.

Daily exercise can also lower your sugar levels as it improves insulin function. It elevates cognitive abilities, memory, learning, and improves mental health as certain neurotransmitters (particular types of chemicals) and hormones are released, causing improvement in the structure and function of the brain and also causes a relaxing effect, preventing depression. It also causes you to fall asleep faster and longer.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

People these days often forget that water plays a vital role in maintaining our personal health and hygiene. There are ample benefits of staying hydrated, and it’s funny how nowadays, people are so engrossed in work that they need reminders or apps on their phones to inform them to stay hydrated! Water lubricates the joints, as cartilage found in the joints consists mainly of water. Therefore long-term dehydration can lead to severe joint pain; a significant percentage of water is required to carry out metabolic reactions. It also moistens the food as it is present in the saliva allowing smooth swallow of the food. It improves bowel movements and prevents constipation and acidity in the stomach. It also boosts the skin as long-term dehydration can cause premature wrinkles to form and also make the skin vulnerable to other skin disorders.

Water helps regulate the body temperature such that if the body is heating up, sweating occurs, which causes water to evaporate from the surface of the skin, leading to cooling or lowering of temperature. It also improves kidney functions, as the kidney acts as a filter for all types of fluids. Hence the inadequate amount of water can lead to the formation of kidney stones and other diseases such as UTI (urinary tract infection) etc. Drink lots of water & keep yourself hydrated on the daily!

  • Get Rid Of Alcohol And Smoking From Your Life

Nowadays, drinking and smoking has become so common to the extent where younger children, mainly teenagers, have been influenced by drinking, smoking, and taking drugs. Although these factors are quite harmful to the body, as they cause an imbalance in the chemical and hormonal levels in the body, which can lead to addiction and can cause the development of chronic diseases. Once you quit smoking and excess alcohol consumption, this can lead to reduced chances of cancers, especially in the liver and lungs. As liver and kidney function improves and diseases like emphysema are prevented, and the damage to the cilia stops. The ability of the lungs to exchange gases improves. Chances of heart attacks and strokes are reduced as there is a decrease in cholesterol deposition and considerably less probability of blood clot formations. So, it’s quite easy. Get rid of alcohol and smoking and other unhealthy vices (drugs) from your life and live happily and healthily.

  • Take Care Of Your Body & Mind

For an individual to sustain good personal health and hygiene, they must live under sanitary conditions cleaning themselves, and their surroundings bring about a balance to the body, soul, and mind. One should always prioritize their health above others; hence taking care of the body and mind is necessary. There are many ways in which you can care for your body. However, the question arises how does one “take care” of the mind? It’s simple! Stop stressing. Stress is a common factor that many experience daily, sometimes it gets out of hand and out of our control, putting an enormous amount of strain on the mind, body, and soul. Overthinking and stressing over things wears the body and mind out. To avoid as much stress as possible, use yoga or meditation to help with stress management. Always the best way to avoid stressing is mediation, practicing yoga, and deep breathing exercises. Performing yoga frequently can be beneficial for mental health. Yoga is said to increase body awareness, relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and strain, increase concentration, improve brain sharpness, and calmness the nervous system. It also helps reduce levels of biological markers and causes a reduction in inflammation.

Auraat understands the need for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Hygiene and health always go hand in hand. Your hygiene can impact your overall health. Practicing good hygiene ensures that your body is free from infections and diseases, positively affects your mind and self-esteem. When you take care of your body & mind, like the temple it is, you’ll always feel better about yourself. There’s a misconception that health only includes the physical aspects that is being disease-free and not sick, but it also always includes how healthy and happy you are and how healthy your mind is as well.

Stay safe and healthy, lovelies!

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