Top 3 Ways to Stopping Snoring Naturally

So, have you been able to get any sleep with the snoring monster next to you? It must be pretty hard to sleep when the loud trumpets of snores keeping you up all night. Most of the time, we find ourselves snoring, and there is no shame in snoring since it is a natural occurrence, and it’s perfectly normal to snore.

Stopping Snoring Naturally

Snoring may be troublesome, but haven’t you ever wondered why we snore? And how it actually occurs? Be at ease, because there are no mythical creatures nesting in your nasal passage and the phenomenon behind snoring is pretty simple. Your snores are solely caused due to the slight change in the structure of the nose or throat. The snores occur when air cannot freely pass through your nose and throat while you sleep. The surrounding tissues present in your nasal passage are prone to vibrate against the air, which produces the snoring sound. Due to these “flappy” tissues, there’s an obstruction in the air movement, which causes vibration and results in uncomfortable noises of snores. Thus, keeping us awake all night!

“Try not to snore, honey” is easier said than done, since snoring is not done out of an old habit but a natural bodily occurrence, and as embarrassing has it is, we have all been there, right? Oftentimes, we find ourselves booking doctors appointments to solve our nightly problems but why not try stopping snoring naturally, instead?

So, what’s the best method to stop snoring, you ask? Well, there are multiple techniques and ways to stop snoring naturally. Let’s take a look at some of the natural ways to stop snoring. We may use it to fix our little problem and get that precious sleep.

  • Sleeping Positions
  • Open-Up The Nasal Passage
  • Change Your Lifestyle

Sleeping Positions

Much to my surprise, changing the position during sleep can help reduce snoring. Try shifting positions, by sleeping on your sides, as it prevents and reduces the snoring effect. Since sleeping on your back will cause your tongue to move downwards into your throat slightly, this would partly block the pathway of air. Thus leading to snores.

Sleeping Positions

Another interesting and easy method to stop snoring is by elevating the head by four inches, this will establish an easy pathway for breathing, as your tongue and jaw are caused to move forward. Fun fact, there are particular pillows available in superstores, these pillows are designed to help prevent and reduce snoring by averting your neck muscles from compressing.

Open-Up The Nasal Passage

The nasal passage is a narrow gateway that can be clogged and blocked easily, and to eliminate snoring, you must clear out the nasal passage. There are methods in which you can open the nasal passage. One of them is by blowing your nostrils out completely before sleeping, which will leave your pathway open and ease breathing. Taking a hot shower before bed can definitely open the nasal passage. Check out our perfect shower routine to help open up your nasal passages.

Open-Up The Nasal Passage

You could also try rinsing your stuffy nose with saline water (available in all pharmacies). To some extent, using saline water drops or sprays can clear out the nasal passage. There are stick-on nasal strips as well, which could be placed on the bridge of your nose; this will increase the nasal passage space. Nasal dilators are also commonly used and recommended. They have been proven to be quite effective in reducing snores; they are adhesive strips applied on the nose. These dilators minimize airflow resistance and encourage breathing.

Change your lifestyle

Shocker right? Changing lifestyles can be pretty hard, but sometimes health issues and snoring are often caused by us not taking better care of ourselves. Try avoiding smoking and limit the amount of alcohol you consume before sleeping. Smoking is harmful to the nose and throat since it can irritate the membranes, creating blockages. Drinking alcohol before sleeping is not recommended, since it relaxes the body muscles, especially the throat muscles, which can interfere with the airflow, creating resistance.

Change your lifestyle

Oh! Water! Yes, staying hydrated is very important. Drinking lots of water can help, since it causes further secretion in the nose, which will keep the nasal passage moist. Remember being dehydrated can cause the secretions from your nose and soft palates to become more sticker, which could create snores. Another way you can prevent snoring is by keeping your bedroom moist by using a humidifier. A dry atmosphere can irritate the throat and nose; this can cause swelling in tissues of the nasal passage.

Plus, try exercising daily or simply go for a short jog before sleeping; this will help reduce snoring since it will tone your muscles, especially the muscles in your throat. There are specific exercises for the throat muscles. Doing them daily for five to ten minutes will prevent “flappy” tissues from forming, which will avoid airflow restrictions and reduce snoring. You can try out these throat muscle exercises during your morning facial routine or your nighttime routine as well, before bed.

Our health and sleep are the two most important aspects of our lives. Some of these remedies we mention at Auraat are handpicked to cater to your needs & health to the best of our abilities. These remedies are best when you want to learn about how to stop snoring naturally, but if you have tried all of them out and none of them have been successful then, it’s highly recommended to seek professional medical help. Snoring may be caused by other health issues; hence it is imperative to change our lifestyles to a healthier one and try staying fit.
Let’s try getting some beauty sleep without disrupting anyone else’s.
Stay safe, stay healthy & get some good night rest!

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