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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a disease and a very common condition of modern times. Many young women are falling victims to PCOS and the reasons vary. It could be unknown, genetic, hormonal and one of the most major reasons: lifestyle. Today, it is one of the leading causes of female infertility and around 5 million women are victims to this amenorrheic, heavy-hair-growth, weight gaining, and infertility-causing condition. You could go to some of the best doctors and gynae’s all over the world and you’ll pick out a common line from every single one of them: “Change your lifestyle, reduce weight and eat HEALTHY”. And I get it, its easier said than done. Read on to learn how reversing PCOS naturally is possible and that there is always hope, especially when you learn to love and care for your body, chubs, rolls, discolouration and all.

Managing PCOS With Diet & Exercise

Managing PCOS: With Diet & Exercise

When you’re initially diagnosed with PCOS, I know its hard, but that’s a point in your life where you’ll have to make some really tough choices and stick to them because there can be no compromise when it comes to your body, well-being and health. Realise that your body is your temple and you should treat it as such. It’ll take time and it’s never easy but your health matters, and your body matters. I wanted to talk about diet first. Whatever you put in your body, be it from a delicious greasy burger to fizzy carbonated soda to a caesar salad, it all has an effect on your body, one way on another.

running and pcosThe first thing you should do is get rid of carbs from your diet. Pasta, bread, rice, sugars, you name it, get rid of it. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels which causes insulin levels to increase as well. Women with PCOS are highly susceptible to insulin resistance which could over time cause diabetes. Increased insulin level in the body acts on your ovaries and stimulates androgen production. Overtime when male hormones like testosterone keep increasing, the main female hormone estrogen decreases in your body, which is basically what causes hair growth, weight gain, acne, and amenorrhea (irregular to very little periods).

When I say cut off carbs, I don’t mean cut it off completely. As with every nutritious class on the food pyramid, carbs do play an important role in the normal functioning of your body. So then, what is a good diet for PCOS? A diet that consists of complex carbs which are high in fibre and low in sugar, no junk food, lots of leafy green vegetables and seasonal fruits, fish rich in omega 3s, and meat. Always go for “clean foods”. When I say clean, what I really mean is none of that oily, fatty, greasy and sugary foods, just lots of fresh food, vegetables and meat. Including flaxseeds and turmeric powder for PCOS in your diet is just as beneficial because they help with female hormones production. Portion control with each of the food class is also important and please, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. Follow a diet that you’ll be able to easily integrate into your lifestyle, a diet that’ll leave you fulfilled and satisfied, a diet you’ll actually be able to follow, even after being “cured”. You don’t need fancy and expensive foods, just fresh and clean food. And let’s clear one more misconception about PCOS, there is as such no cure, just lots of possible treatments that include hormone therapy to manage symptoms and lifestyle changes. You can find many healthy recipes for PCOS online and I’m pretty sure you’ve probably already searched them out. Go for recipes that suit your needs, your health and is still easy to follow.

Want to know what’s the best medicine for PCOS? Exercise. Dedicate 30 to 40 minutes daily for yourself. Relax, meditate and exercise. You deserve it and your body needs it, ladies! Don’t exercise for that bikini bod, to fit in a dress for a wedding, or because you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. Exercise for you, for a healthy mind & body and a positive lifestyle. Let your body soak up some love and energy from that exercise session or from yoga and try to connect to your body. And consider taking green tea for PCOS just before or after you exercise. The thing I’ve been able to learn from being diagnosed with PCOS is, I’ve become more conscious with my body and its health. I’ve learned to be more conscious of what I put in my body and how much exercise my body gets. PCOS gives you the much-needed reality check you need to become more attuned & conscious to your body’s needs and to love it as it should be.

From PCOS to a Healthy & Wholesome Life

Consider PCOS as one of those conditions that accumulates and builds up over time in your body. To get rid of it or to treat the symptoms takes a lot of time and care. There is no easy way in reversing PCOS naturally. And since every body is different, so is how the condition manifests in your body. For some, the best line of treatment may be lifestyle changes and getting on certain hormone therapies and for others, losing weight and again, lifestyle changes. Here at Aura, we believe in loving and caring for your body, whether you have PCOS or not. So, find ways to make time for yourself, to connect with your body and live healthy. And remember, you are not alone, there are many women out there who are struggling and are going through what you are going through. Talk to your friends and family, share your situation so that you never feel like your alone. Consult with your OB-GYN or your GP and find out the best line of treatment for you. And please remember, you CAN achieve a healthy body and mind, just make those tough choices, stick to it and give your body time to heal!

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