Myth or Real: How does Apple Cider Vinegar Help UTI Infections?

I think it’s quite safe for all of us to agree, UTI’s are the worst. If you currently have a UTI and are searching for quick remedies to get rid of it like yesterday and by chance stumbled across this blog, I can help but, not in the way you think. Apparently, a lot of influencers are calling ACV’s ‘the’ cure for UTIs. But does apple cider vinegar help UTI symptoms? And just putting it out there, honey, put down your phone, screw those DIY blogs (not including mine), pull up your panties and save your vagina. Go visit your GP or your nearest health care provider, get lots of cranberry juice and prescriptions from your doctor and then, you can get back to this blog. ACVs do help with UTI but not in the way you think. So is it a myth or real? Let’s find out!

apple cider vinegar for uti

  • But First, What Are UTIs? 
  • Can ACV Help With Instant Relief From UTI Pain? 
  • Can UTIs Go Away On Its Own?

But First, What Are UTIs

UTI’s stand for urinary tract infection. Not only are they the worst, but they are bacterial infections caused anywhere in your urinary system including your lower urinary tract i.e. urethra, bladder or your kidneys. And believe it or not, UTIs are extremely common, and at least 60% of the women population develop UTIs sometime in their lives. The burning sensation during peeing, the urge to frequently pee little, painfully bit at a time, sometimes seeing blood in the toilet bowl when you pee and pelvic pain are all the symptoms of a UTI. If a UTI is left too long, untreated, it could cause the spread of infection to your bladder and even kidney. So ladies, please visit your doctor if you feel any of these symptoms manifest and chug on that cranberry juice. Apple Cider Vinegar, UTI, does not make for a good combination and learn more below. 

Can ACV Help With Instant Relief From UTI Pain? 

apple cider vinegar and utiACV is quickly becoming an effective trend. They’re great for your skin, helps maintain your body’s pH, helps reduce weight, gives a boost to your immune system, and helps lower your blood glucose levels hence helping you fight off diabetes. However, does apple cider vinegar help with UTI? If you’re looking for instant relief from a UTI, I’m sorry to let you down, but ACV’s cannot help you. And if you’re thinking what many initially thought, then no, women are not spraying this into their private parts to alleviate symptoms of UTI. ACV may not be a great DIY deep conditioner for natural hair, but they work wonders on your hair and scalp. When diluted with water, they give your hair shine, moisturize dry, curly, and frizzy hair, help prevent hair loss, and promote scalp health, kind of like how sunflower oil for hair works. 

Since apple cider vinegar is acidic, which instead of reducing the symptoms could further enhance them, especially the burning sensation when you pee (ouch). However, the same acidity in ACVs could help a great deal in preventing UTIs, and here’s how. Plus, not only do they help prevent UTI’s but ACV and certain essential oil for toenail fungus are becoming a trendy remedy that actually works. 

ACVs can be used as a preventive measure if you’re someone who is quite prone to UTIs; however, it may not be the quick or best course of treatment if the infection has already set in. Get your daily anti-UTI fix by incorporating this acidic liquid in your diet. You could always add it to your salad dressing or dilute one tablespoonful of ACV with a glass of water and drink it daily. Not only does the high acetic acid content in ACV give infections a very unwelcome feel, but it reduces the growth of these UTI, causing bacteria like E.Coli. In a study conducted, ACV was observed to inhibit the growth of E.Coli that causes UTI. But further in-depth research needs to be conducted to further back this study up. Apple cider vinegar and UTI prevention make for a good combination. 

Can UTIs Go Away On Its Own?

I want to be as nice as possible and say this in a very nice way. PLEASE DON’T WAIT FOR A UTI TO GO AWAY ON ITS OWN. If you think you have a UTI, it’s time for you to take action. Waiting for it to go away or even taking your time going to the doctor because you are trying out a DIY that includes apple cider vinegar gives the infection all the time it needs to spread and just cause the damage. Drink lots of water, try to one-up the eight glasses of water, and push it to 9 or 10 glasses. You want to flush that infection out of your system every time you pee. Visit your doctor, get those prescribed antibiotics, and live on that cranberry juice till the symptoms abate. 

If you’re prone to UTIs, try out apple cider vinegar (in its diluted form) by adding it to your daily diet. And it looks like we’ve busted the myth, apple cider vinegar for UTI is a no go. 

If there’s one thing we believe at Auraat, it’s, don’t go to a sword fight with a stick, and at this point, ACV is your stick. And remember using ACV as a preventive measure is always smart. But so is fighting the infection off with proper prescriptions from your doctor. 

So make the smart choice, ladies! Stay safe and healthy!

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