About Us

Here on Auraat, we believe in healthy living, fitness and natural remedies. As the name our blog indicates—“Auraat”, we focus on women and their health issues. Think of it as written by a woman for women!

In our blog, we discuss everything health-related, including natural remedies, the newest women’s health trends, nutrition and lifestyle, practical tips, and so much more. Knowledge of any sort is power and why not empower women who are responsible for not only their own well being but the wellbeing of their families and communities as well. 

We aim to inspire and motivate you towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Auraat believes that whatever you put in your bodies, the food you eat and the environment you surround yourself in can affect your mental and physical health. Our mission is to empower women and young girls all around the world, by providing you with health solutions that stem from health and wellness researches—however, we bring the information to you in a fun and engaging way, so that you could live your life to the fullest, healthiest and happiest. 

Auraat is an online platform where we can exchange health information, and this goes both ways. We aim to offer natural health information and solutions, and in turn, if you have any ideas or tips & tricks, we are more than happy to hear, always. Let us motivate ourselves and share new ideas, discoveries, traditional family remedies, family recipes and healthy thoughts. We hope to inspire you and be inspired by you. 

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!